Software Development Done Right

There’s a lot of terrible software out there.
Outdated processes. Poor testing. Difficult to update.
Software that doesn’t solve the users' true needs.
We hate that.
Strata is a global collective of ex-CTOs, engineers, designers, and product managers, founded in New York and based in Tokyo, Japan. We don’t just help companies craft excellent software, we help them lay the foundation for building high-performing teams with best-in-industry development practices.

How We Help

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or a large-scale enterprise, we provide 3 main services to our clients:

CTO Consulting

Our tech leads and ex-CTOs advise on architecting software products, building teams, and best-in-industry product and software development practices. 

In addition to building a robust technical core for your future development, we ensure that your team also has the tools and processes needed to grow and build great things without us.

Software Development

Best-in-industry agile software development for quickly crafting well-tested code that solves real business needs for you and your customers. We work directly with your stakeholders to understand the true project needs, then we mock, build, and refine the product at a rapid pace.

Don’t need (or don’t have the budget for) a full-fledged team with a product manager, designers, and engineers? We can also supply “team-of-one” fullstack engineers who handle product and design decisions in addition to building performant software.

Staff Augmentation

Do you simply need talented people to assist your existing team? Our staff are available for both short and long term engagements.

Past Work

Woven Planet

Strata architected and built an education and coding platform for Woven Planet, a subsidiary of Toyota, which the company uses to upskill employees in technical skill sets. The platform is now being developed into an independent product, moving from a cost-center into a new revenue stream.

(Read Full Case Study)Read Case Study
Invast Securities

Strata was engaged by Invast Securities and Invast Global to rebuild and launch various internal and external financial services products in Japanese.

(Read Full Case Study)Read Case Study
JGC Holdings Corporation

Strata replicated JGC Corporation’s legacy database into a cloud-based architecture, lowering data security risks while simultaneously enabling collaboration among departments.

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Toyota Research Institute - Advanced Development
The Japan Times
Live Building Systems
The Guarantors
Global Creations
Ostra Capital
Visual Revenue

Zero-hassle Consultation

We love solving problems, and we’re happy to schedule a call even in the early stages before you know what you might need. Would you prefer to meet over a meal or coffee? We can do that too.